The greatest thing that God has done for me since I moved to London in 2017 is meeting Rachel Graham. I knew that moving to London to become a church planter would change my life, but never did I imagine that I would find such an amazing girl here. When I chose to move to London, little did I know that God would be using this move to bring together two people from opposite sides of the world. So here is your chance to learn a little about the newest member of the Saving London team. 

Meet Rachel

Born and Born Again

Rachel was born in Jersey, Channel Islands, located between England and France. She grew up in a family that raised her in church and taught her to love God. She prayed to receive Christ as her Savior when she was a child and continued to grow in that relationship as she grew older

Surrendering to God

When Rachel was 15 years old she attended a church camp called Soul Survivor, it was there that she rededicated her life to Christ. After this camp, she came back to Jersey more excited about following Christ and being a part of her church. Also, during her time at Soul Survivor Rachel surrendered to serve Christ in South Africa.

Missions in Africa

After finishing high school, Rachel went to South Africa for 3 months to serve in a Christian orphanage. A year later, she returned for a second trip and spent an additional 6 months working with the orphanage. This was a big step of faith for Rachel and two life changing events.



Upon coming back from South Africa, Rachel moved to England to go to University where she studied pediatric nursing. She spent 5 years in Hatfield, England while studying nursing and practicing her first two years as a full-time nurse. Her time spent in Hatfield included going to a New Frontier’s church where she was able to serve in lots of areas and be surrounded by people who helped her continue to grow in her faith.

Moving to London

Then in 2015 Rachel moved to London to begin working at a hospital in central London. It was in this time here that she got settled into her church and began serving in the children’s ministry. Now Rachel is excited to begin a new life and ministry with me as she joins in my call to reach the people for Christ here in London.