You can make a difference in London. Even if you are a thousand miles away you can be a part of Saving London. Here are 4 easy ways to get involved:


1. Monthly Support

The best way to have a lasting impact in London is to financially support Saving London every month. Monthly support allows our family to live in London and share the Gospel through our ministries every week.

2. Prayer Updates

Another great way to have an impact in London is through prayer. You can be reminded to pray for the people of London by signing up for monthly or weekly updates.

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3. Future Bookings

You can make London a priority at your church by booking Justin Rhoades to come & share missions. Whether is it just a FaceTime with your church or we come in person when we are on a short visit back to America, we would love to share what God is doing in London with you.

4. One time gift

You can also invest in London by giving a one time gift. We are currently pastoring a church in London and there are plenty of ministries that you can have a part in by giving. You can make a big difference in our kids ministry, outreach events, teen classes, or other aspects of what we do here in London.

How To Give

If God is leading you donate, the best way is to send money to the Central Missionary Clearinghouse.
You can do this online (just search for Justin Rhoades) or you can mail a check* to CMC.

PO BOX 219228 HOUSTON TX 77218-9228

*Make checks out to Central Missionary Clearinghouse.
Include a separate donor form by downloading below.