With over 90% of the city of London not trusting in Christ as their savior, where do you start?

There are hundreds of great ways to start Saving London. The people of London are in desperate need of the gospel, but just giving them that will not be enough for the city. What London needs is churches.

Churches that preach the gospel, disciple Christians, and plant more churches. 

Leading someone to Christ will change them for eternity. Staring a biblical church will change families and communities for eternity. My plan to be apart of Saving London is to establish churches that serve God beyond my lifetime.

What the next couple of years look like for me.

In September 2014, I was approved as a BBFI church planter to the city of London. Over the following 2 years I will spent my time raising prayer and financial support from churches all across the United States. As of January 2017, I have raised enough financial support to be able to move to London.

I arrived in London on February 11th, 2017. I am currently working with veteran missionaries Tarl and Adrienne Reeves, TarlReeves.com. Choosing to partner with the Reeves, will not only allow me to get started in ministry quicker, but it will also help me learn how to do ministry in the culture of London. They will help me better understand the people, the culture, and the city.


Our main goal in London is to start new churches that will be bright lights for Christ in the dark neighborhoods of London. Secondly, we plan to help existing churches become brighter lights for Christ in their neighborhoods. We plan to do this by filling empty pulpits, mentoring British pastors, training church leaders, helping revamp/create kids and teen programs, and set up discipleship ministries.

We also look forward to training future British pastors through our internship program and even see American college students spend a summer or semester serving Christ in London. There is great opportunity for ministry in London, from college groups to guys discipleship to teen summer camps. There is no doubt that God has a busy and exciting future for myself in London.

My desire is to not just be in London and start one church and leave. I want to be a part of multiple churches coming to life. I want to see thousands of people accept Christ. I want to see a city turn to God and watch a revival spread like fire. I know that God can save London, and I am praying that he does it. 

I have a plan to be a part of Saving London, but I am just a small part of what it will take to turn a city to Christ. London is an extremely influential and diverse city. What if God's plan to get the gospel to the nations all around the world, hinged on Saving London? 

What will you do to be a part of Saving London?