Episode 13: Growing Up

Chewie and I learned something very neat about Jesus from Luke chapter 2: How Jesus grew up. Sometimes it is easy to forget that Jesus was a kid and had to grow up just like we do. There are not many verses in the Bible that tell us about Jesus when he was a kid, but Luke 2:52 gives us a great picture of what Jesus did as he grew up.

"And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man." -Luke 2:52

When Jesus was a kid he increased in wisdom. That means he went to school and learned lots of things so he would be smart. He learned to read and write; how to add and subtract; he was taught history, science, how to draw, sing, and play sports; Jesus also learned everything that was in the Bible. (He only had the Old Testament since the New Testament had not been written yet.)

When Jesus was a kid he increased in stature. That means he bigger and taller. He ate good food and exercised so that he could be come big and strong. Just like how you get a little taller each year, so did Jesus.

When Jesus was a kid he increased in favor with God. That means that he learned more about God every year. He would spend time reading his Bible and praying. Jesus would learn to make the wise choice so that his actions would be pleasing to God. 

When Jesus was a kid he increased in favor with man. That means that he learned to obey what the Bible says, to do what mom and dad ask, and to listen to teachers. As Jesus made good decisions the adults in his life knew that he would do what was right and that they could trust him to not lie, cheat, or steal.

Chewie wants you to Grrraooowww gruhhh ("Stay on target") and grow up just like Jesus did. Be sure to get bigger and stronger, to learn as much as you can at school, to spend time in your Bible and praying to God, and to become a kid that adults can trust to make the wise choice.