Episode 14: On The Slopes

Chewie and I every now and then get to do something very fun as was travel from church to church. This past week Chewie and I stopped in the mountains of West Virginia for a little snowboarding. As soon as we got there Chewie told me, WOOUAH ARHHH-RH! "Meet me at the ski lift!"

After I put away our luggage and changed into my snowboarding gear I found Chewie ready to go. We had lots of fun carving up the mountain and seeing how fast we could make it to the bottom. 

Chewie and I meet some really good snowboarders and they wanted us to try going down a black diamond run. Chewie's response to them was, RHHAAAR RAAWWWAAAOOWWW RAH "No, I don't want to jump off that cliff!"

After a long and cold day on the slopes, all that Chewie could think to ask was: WHA WHOOOAAH WUUUHR? "Anyone for hot cocoa?" Everyone agreed that something warm to drink was a very good idea.