Episode 6: GPS

Being a missionary on deputation requires a lot of traveling. Luckily I have Chewie by my side to help with the navigation. Chewie is an expert with maps and helping give directions. Though sometimes it can be very difficult in big cities to know exactly what street to turn on.

Chewie and I found ourselves in downtown Indianapolis. Chewie was giving me the directions to get to the Buffalo Wild Wings (one of our favorite restaurants). We were not sure exactly when we needed to turn, then all of a sudden Chewie exclaimed Ahhh argh. Arrrghh! ("Turn right. Right!") All of his shouting made me turn very fast to which Chewie said Aaaarrr wgh ggwaaah. ("I'm feeling motion sick.")

During our dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings Chewie decided that he was done with the navigation and recommended we get a GPS. We picked one up and Chewie did a little customization to the vehicle and now Red 5 is our official direction device.