Episode 3: Prayer Cards

If you have ever had missionaries come to your church, then you are probably very familiar with missionary prayer cards. Chewie is a big fav of prayer cards, he has a whole stack of them at home! He gets a prayer card from all of his favorite missionaries and prays for a different one each day. 

Waag ahyeg ha.  ("I can't reach that.")

Waag ahyeg ha. ("I can't reach that.")

That is exactly what they are made for. If you are like Chewie then I am sure you love to pray for missionaries! But, it can be easy to forget to pray for them. That is why prayer cards are so important, they reminds you to pray for the different missionaries who your church supports.

Sunday, I had my prayer cards on my display table with the London bus and telephone booth. Chewie was super excited to get one but when we got to church he said Waag ahyeg ha. ("I can't reach that.") The table was too tall, so I had to help him out and give him a boost up!