Episode 2: The Video

One of the things that missionaries get to do when they visit different churches on deputation, is show a missionary video. Chewie was very confused at first about this. He did not understand what the video should be about. I told him that a good missionary video will show people the need for churches in a certain city or country.

Chewie's response to this was ohh haa ("okay"). He then began to beg me to be in the video. I had to explain to him that he has gotten to do lots of videos and it was my turn to be in one. He was all for this and taught me everything he has learned about acting.

Once the video was done we got to have a video premier with the student ministry from Topeka Baptist Church. Chewie was soooo excited to be able to watch the premier! But before we could start the video he asked, Wu yaga gah ahyag. ("I would like a drink, please.") Chewie is a big fan of having snacks when he watches movies!

You can watch the video too! Have your parents go to SavingLondon.com/Video