Episode 9: Where You Stay

While Chewie and I are traveling church to church we often need a place to stay for the night. Most nights (if we are near Topeka, KS) we stay at my parent's house. When we are visiting a church far away, however, we must find other places to sleep. 

Some nights we stay in hotels. Some times churches have special apartments that are for missionaries to stay in. Then other times, Chewie and I get to stay the night with people from the church.

The other day Chewie and I got to stay with Allen and Sharon. Chewie was very excited to get to the house after driving all day. When it was time for bed he exclaimed, Whoaaaa. Waa maa. Warrgh. ("Pardon me, I need to rest my neck muscles.")

hen it was time to leave Chewie asked for a photo and said: Ruow. ("Goodbye.")