Episode 8: Monster Trucks

Chewie and I get to see some very cool things while we are traveling around the country. The other day Chewie and I were invited to a men's Beast Feast (where a bunch a guys got together to eat BBQ and talk about hunting). On our way inside Chewie noticed that there was a big monster outside.

We went over to check it out. It turned out to be a monster truck. Chewie has seen lots of monster trucks on tv and was very confused why they are always running over small cars. Chewie asked the monster truck: Waa hu aa ma ma a oo gah? ("Why did you pick on someone one fourth your size?")

It was very fun to get to hang out with the monster truck. At the Beast Feast, Chewie and I heard lots of stories about hunting in Africa. Then the speaker shared a super important story about Jesus and how he died on the cross to pay for your sins. There was a bunch of men there and 22 of them made a decision to ask Jesus into their heart that night. This was very exciting and made Chewie and I very glad that we went to the Beast Feast.