Episode 14: On The Slopes

Chewie and I every now and then get to do something very fun as was travel from church to church. This past week Chewie and I stopped in the mountains of West Virginia for a little snowboarding. As soon as we got there Chewie told me, WOOUAH ARHHH-RH! "Meet me at the ski lift!"

After I put away our luggage and changed into my snowboarding gear I found Chewie ready to go. We had lots of fun carving up the mountain and seeing how fast we could make it to the bottom. 

Chewie and I meet some really good snowboarders and they wanted us to try going down a black diamond run. Chewie's response to them was, RHHAAAR RAAWWWAAAOOWWW RAH "No, I don't want to jump off that cliff!"

After a long and cold day on the slopes, all that Chewie could think to ask was: WHA WHOOOAAH WUUUHR? "Anyone for hot cocoa?" Everyone agreed that something warm to drink was a very good idea.

Episode 13: Growing Up

Chewie and I learned something very neat about Jesus from Luke chapter 2: How Jesus grew up. Sometimes it is easy to forget that Jesus was a kid and had to grow up just like we do. There are not many verses in the Bible that tell us about Jesus when he was a kid, but Luke 2:52 gives us a great picture of what Jesus did as he grew up.

"And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man." -Luke 2:52

When Jesus was a kid he increased in wisdom. That means he went to school and learned lots of things so he would be smart. He learned to read and write; how to add and subtract; he was taught history, science, how to draw, sing, and play sports; Jesus also learned everything that was in the Bible. (He only had the Old Testament since the New Testament had not been written yet.)

When Jesus was a kid he increased in stature. That means he bigger and taller. He ate good food and exercised so that he could be come big and strong. Just like how you get a little taller each year, so did Jesus.

When Jesus was a kid he increased in favor with God. That means that he learned more about God every year. He would spend time reading his Bible and praying. Jesus would learn to make the wise choice so that his actions would be pleasing to God. 

When Jesus was a kid he increased in favor with man. That means that he learned to obey what the Bible says, to do what mom and dad ask, and to listen to teachers. As Jesus made good decisions the adults in his life knew that he would do what was right and that they could trust him to not lie, cheat, or steal.

Chewie wants you to Grrraooowww gruhhh ("Stay on target") and grow up just like Jesus did. Be sure to get bigger and stronger, to learn as much as you can at school, to spend time in your Bible and praying to God, and to become a kid that adults can trust to make the wise choice.

Episode 12: Thank You

Christmas is a time of the year when lots of people give gifts to friends and family. Chewie and I love to give gifts to our friends and family too. We do this because the first Christmas was when God gave us the best gift of all: JESUS

This year Chewie and I were given a gift from Nathan, Andrew, and Lily. Chewie would like to say ur oh ("thank you") and I too want to say "thank you" for the card and gift.

Merry Christmas everyone! -Chewie & Justin

Lily, Andrew, & Nathan

Lily, Andrew, & Nathan

Thank You

Thank You

Episode 11: Christmas

Christmas is one of Chewie's favorite times of the year. While Chewie likes that Christmas brings cold weather, colorful lights, fun decorations, festive music, and wrapped gifts. Wha whoooaaah wuuuhr? ("Anyone for hot cocoa?") The best part of Christmas, is that it reminds us of what God did for us 2,000 years ago. 

Christmas is the time of year we celebrate Jesus' birthday. And one of the things Chewie and I like to do before Christmas is read the story of when Jesus came to earth. You can read it too in Luke 1-2. It is so fun to see how Jesus grew up!

Merry Christmas!
-Chewie & Justin


Episode 10: The Empire Barks Back


Chewie and I spend a lot time working from my parents house. While we are there all day we get the responsibility to watch my sister's dog Brinkley. 

Brinkley is only 1 year old and being a puppy does not understand how important it is to be quiet when I am making phone calls. So, Chewie entertains him and keeps him quiet so I can call churches and talk about London. 

Chewie, was spending time with Brinkley today and just had to ask him, Yaag ruggwah maw huah huah? ("How do you give your fur that shine?") Brinkley's response was just a bark.

Episode 9: Where You Stay

While Chewie and I are traveling church to church we often need a place to stay for the night. Most nights (if we are near Topeka, KS) we stay at my parent's house. When we are visiting a church far away, however, we must find other places to sleep. 

Some nights we stay in hotels. Some times churches have special apartments that are for missionaries to stay in. Then other times, Chewie and I get to stay the night with people from the church.

The other day Chewie and I got to stay with Allen and Sharon. Chewie was very excited to get to the house after driving all day. When it was time for bed he exclaimed, Whoaaaa. Waa maa. Warrgh. ("Pardon me, I need to rest my neck muscles.")

hen it was time to leave Chewie asked for a photo and said: Ruow. ("Goodbye.")

Episode 8: Monster Trucks

Chewie and I get to see some very cool things while we are traveling around the country. The other day Chewie and I were invited to a men's Beast Feast (where a bunch a guys got together to eat BBQ and talk about hunting). On our way inside Chewie noticed that there was a big monster outside.

We went over to check it out. It turned out to be a monster truck. Chewie has seen lots of monster trucks on tv and was very confused why they are always running over small cars. Chewie asked the monster truck: Waa hu aa ma ma a oo gah? ("Why did you pick on someone one fourth your size?")

It was very fun to get to hang out with the monster truck. At the Beast Feast, Chewie and I heard lots of stories about hunting in Africa. Then the speaker shared a super important story about Jesus and how he died on the cross to pay for your sins. There was a bunch of men there and 22 of them made a decision to ask Jesus into their heart that night. This was very exciting and made Chewie and I very glad that we went to the Beast Feast.

Episode 7: Old Friends

Chewie and I are now traveling to different churches across America! This week we are in the state of Texas and Chewie is super excited to see a cactus. 

One of the neat things about traveling to different places is getting to meet new friends. But, being in Texas allowed Chewie and I to meet up with an old friend. Before I decided to move to London I was a youth pastor in Topeka, Kansas. (Chewie was a big help their too. He hardly ever left the church.) One student that came to the youth group was Pau Stamps. He is now all grown up and serving in the United States Air Force.

Chewie and Pau before dinner!

Chewie and Pau before dinner!

When Chewie realized that we would be very close to the military base that Pau is stationed at, he wanted to stop by and visit with Pau. So we did! We picked him up in Wichita Falls, Texas and took him to dinner. Chewie was super hungry and that night and kept asking Pau: AHHH-ARGH WHA? ("Are you going to eat that?")

Episode 6: GPS

Being a missionary on deputation requires a lot of traveling. Luckily I have Chewie by my side to help with the navigation. Chewie is an expert with maps and helping give directions. Though sometimes it can be very difficult in big cities to know exactly what street to turn on.

Chewie and I found ourselves in downtown Indianapolis. Chewie was giving me the directions to get to the Buffalo Wild Wings (one of our favorite restaurants). We were not sure exactly when we needed to turn, then all of a sudden Chewie exclaimed Ahhh argh. Arrrghh! ("Turn right. Right!") All of his shouting made me turn very fast to which Chewie said Aaaarrr wgh ggwaaah. ("I'm feeling motion sick.")

During our dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings Chewie decided that he was done with the navigation and recommended we get a GPS. We picked one up and Chewie did a little customization to the vehicle and now Red 5 is our official direction device. 

Episode 5: Stickers


Praying for missionaries can be fun!

Chewie is all about helping people pray for missionaries. So when it came to helping kids remember to pray for London Chewie came to me and asked Rrargrarg? ("Can I ask another favor?")

Chewie had the idea to make cartoon stickers! I was all for Chewie's sticker idea. Stickers are not only fun but they can help you remember to pray for London too! You can put the stickers of Justin in your Bible, on your fridge, or on your favorite cup. That way when you see the sticker it will remind you to pray for London.

Chewie wants to know where you are putting your stickers. Email Justin@SavingLondon.com a picture of where you chose to put your sticker of Justin.

Episode 4: Phone Calls

As missionaries Chewie and I get to do some really fun things, one of those things is getting to visit lots of churches. But before we can go to a church, I have to first set up a day to come visit with the church's pastor. One of the ways I set up Sundays to visit is by making phone calls. I spend several days a weeks making lots and lots of phone calls.

Chewie, being the good friend that he is, wanted to help with the phone calls. So, I let him call Pastor Tim Adrian from Westside Baptist Church in Hutchinson, KS. 

When Pastor Adrian answered the phone Chewie said, Wyaaaaaa. Ruh ruh. ("Hello. How are you?")
Pastor Adrian just responded with "hello??"
Chewie kept going on Ruh gwyaaaag. ("I am a friend.") 
Then we realized that Pastor Adrian does not speak Shyriiwook, also known as Wookieespeak. So I had to take over the phone call. It was really fun to talk with Pastor Adrian, we had not gotten the chance to talk since kids camp. After talking about all the fun we had at kids camp, Pastor Adrian told me that he would like me to come to Westside to talk about London during their missions conference this October! Chewie and I were super excited about this and now we can't wait to meet all the people at Westside.

Episode 3: Prayer Cards

If you have ever had missionaries come to your church, then you are probably very familiar with missionary prayer cards. Chewie is a big fav of prayer cards, he has a whole stack of them at home! He gets a prayer card from all of his favorite missionaries and prays for a different one each day. 

Waag ahyeg ha.  ("I can't reach that.")

Waag ahyeg ha. ("I can't reach that.")

That is exactly what they are made for. If you are like Chewie then I am sure you love to pray for missionaries! But, it can be easy to forget to pray for them. That is why prayer cards are so important, they reminds you to pray for the different missionaries who your church supports.

Sunday, I had my prayer cards on my display table with the London bus and telephone booth. Chewie was super excited to get one but when we got to church he said Waag ahyeg ha. ("I can't reach that.") The table was too tall, so I had to help him out and give him a boost up!

Episode 2: The Video

One of the things that missionaries get to do when they visit different churches on deputation, is show a missionary video. Chewie was very confused at first about this. He did not understand what the video should be about. I told him that a good missionary video will show people the need for churches in a certain city or country.

Chewie's response to this was ohh haa ("okay"). He then began to beg me to be in the video. I had to explain to him that he has gotten to do lots of videos and it was my turn to be in one. He was all for this and taught me everything he has learned about acting.

Once the video was done we got to have a video premier with the student ministry from Topeka Baptist Church. Chewie was soooo excited to be able to watch the premier! But before we could start the video he asked, Wu yaga gah ahyag. ("I would like a drink, please.") Chewie is a big fan of having snacks when he watches movies!

You can watch the video too! Have your parents go to SavingLondon.com/Video

Episode 1: My Friend Chewie

As I begin my deputation journey I wanted to introduce you to my friend and traveling buddy: Chewbacca. He is the coolest Wookiee I know and has been with me a long time. When I told him that I was going to become a missionary he was very excited and couldn't wait to get to move London.

I told him that before we can move to London we have to go on Deputation first. His response was, wuahh? ("what"). So I had to explain that deputation is when a missionary travels to different churches in his own country in order to raise money to live in another country, like England.

Wyaaaaaa. Ruh ruh.  ("Hello. How are you?")

Wyaaaaaa. Ruh ruh. ("Hello. How are you?")

Now, Chewie and I will be going on many adventures together over the next 2 years. We will be going to lots of different churches to share about what God is doing in London.  During these many adventures we want to share with you the people we meet, the place we go, and the things we get to see. So be sure to check back regularly to find out what new adventure Chewie has been on.